The story of Castello 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single boat..

Castello Yachting - more than a charter company

Who am I?  A Croatian born in Germany living next to the French border – a  winning combination. Why? Because this way, I can easily communicate with locals and give you the answers to any question you have regarding the Croatian way of life. 
Long story short: I´m a true Croatiaholic - ocean is my favorite color. 
Discover the paradise. By boat.
This way, you can escape the ordinary. 
With Castello Yachting you get a premium location without the price tag.
We´ll help you to become the director of your own special scenery, in a paradise called Croatia.
details make The difference

Our skills, our passion

You are looking for a special boat, but can´t find it? Challenge accepted! There is no boat we cannot find for you.
As a premium German charter agency we only work with pre-elected service providers in Croatia - this way, highest standards are given.
We constantly strike for long term trust relation with our clients, that is the reason why the booking process is 100% transparent. 

User friendly

Germany Office

Schlossergasse 6
77694 Kehl 

Phone: +49(0)7854/ 974 9977
Mobile: +49(0)151/ 674 389 36
E-Mail: [email protected]
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